Adpost Monster Hunt
Log in, hunt monsters, and win prizes worth USD $375!
Surprise! There are more monsters to be found! Find them and victory may be yours!
Can you find the Bonus Monsters?

P.S. Remember to always log in first before hunting!

Hello there, monster hunter!
The cat is out of the bag!
Due to the overwhelming love received throughout this hunt, we have decided to unleash a bonus round.
8 new puzzles will be released on the site on the Nov 1 -2!
Be quick! The fastest to locate the Monster will be rewarded!
Here ARE clues to help you find THE BONUS MONSTERS

Puzzle 1

This monster is a fan of house exteriors so it comes no surprise to see her levitating near grey Colonial and Victorian homes often.

Puzzle 2

This monster went to great lengths to ensure the green outdoors complements both his natural lighting fixture and new dining table.

Puzzle 3

Although this monster has a soft spot for Tudor architecture and brown furniture, nothing beats his love for beautiful landscaping and swimming pools.

Puzzle 4

This monster lifted his feet off the carpet and leaned back on his couch to get a better look at the spider creeping down his beamed ceiling.

Puzzle 5

This monster firmly believes that farmhouses will never be his cup of tea unless their bathrooms are equipped with porcelain bathtubs for him to soak till his skin prunes.

Puzzle 6

This cosy oriental beige bedroom surrounded by wooden grilled windows would have been the perfect holiday home for this monster, if not for the ceiling fan’s unreachable pull chain.

Puzzle 7

This monster hopes he can find his better half soon so they’d be able to strut hand-in-hand down this Italianate foyer and walkway before tying the knot under this spectacular arch.

Puzzle 8

This monster can’t wait to move in so he can spend time aplenty in the kitchen placing cockeries in his grey cabinets and whipping up a feast with this ultra-modern stove!

Time Left
The hunt for this week has ended! Come back for the next hunt.
How to Play
Solve the puzzle to find a webpage on Adpost Home Ideas.
Search through the photos on the page to find the monster.
Click the monster if you see it!
All winning monster hunters will be revealed via email, Facebook, and Instagram on 3rd Nov 2021.
When you catch a monster, you stand to win a one-of-a-kind, collectible NFT on!

What's an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a one-of-a-kind digital artwork. Each NFT has a unique blockchain contract that records who created it, and who owns it. In other words, an NFT can never be stolen or replaced. If you own an NFT, you own a piece of the Internet that belongs only to you!

What can I do with the NFT?

Keep it as an investment — Canvasland’s very first series of NFTs
Display the NFT as part of Canvas Collector Showroom
Sell it on Canvasland’s NFT Marketplace

This Weeks Puzzle

Riddle 1

Hollie the Ghost was tired of just saying boo and went to Teacher Janice to learn the sounds of each alphabet!